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Side Skirt Assembly and Installation

Side Skirt Assembly and Installation

The reflector side skirt system consists of modules which are supported from the side of the radiant tube via brackets. The side skirt sections are fitted in tandem along the system.

When any assembling, installing, commissioning or servicing is undertaken on radiant tube heaters, due care and attention is required to ensure that working at height regulations are adhered to at the mounting heights specified.

Assembly and Installation AR/VS/VSL 

Assemble the Radiant Tube Heater as per the Assembly instruction sheets.

Side skirts can be fitted to either one or both sides of the reflector depending on the heater application.

Starting at the burner end, position a ‘U’ bolt (C) around the radiant tube on the inside of the reflector, through the side skirt bracket (B) and secure using with nuts (D).

Noting the length of the side skirt, position the next guard bracket along the tube at a MAXIMUM distance of 1220mm! Continue this method along the radiant tube with further bracket assemblies as necessary.

The ‘U’ bolt/bracket assemblies should be positioned perfectly square to ensure that the side skirt is allowed to fix through the bracket guides.

General assembly details

Offer the first side skirt (A) to the first and second brackets (B). Temporally position the side skirt into place using the pre-assembled securing pins (H).

Continue adding side skirts on one side of the radiant tube ensuing an MINIMUM overlap of the skirts of 50mm! Continue for the full length of the heater or the total length required. Repeat this procedure for the other side of the reflector if necessary.

Fully tighten the upper fixing screws only on alternate brackets starting with the second bracket from the burner end (as indicated F on diagrams below).

General assembly details

Adjust all remaining screws to give a small clearance to allow a sliding movement of the skirt under the expansion of the heater itself.

Side Skirt details and positioning

AR22-50UT 'U' Tube variants

AR22SL 'Straight Line' variants

AR35-AR60SL 'Straight Line' variants

VS15-VS50UT 'U' Tube variants

VS15-VS50SL 'Straight Line' Tube variants

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