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AR/ARE/HB Electrical Supply

AR/ARE/HB Electrical connection


This appliance must be earthed. Supply 230V 50Hz single phase. Current rating is 0.55 amp max (inductive) for UT and SL models, 1.4 amp max (inductive) for DL models or 0.33 amp max (inductive) for HB (Herringbone) burners only. Fuse: external 3 amp. All electrical work should be carried out to I.E.E. standards by a competent electrician. The electrical connection to the heater is made by means of a three pin plug-in power connector. Live, neutral and earth connections should be made via a flexible supply cable to the power connector and routed clear of the heater or tubes. The flexible supply cables should be of 0.5mm² complying with BS 6500:1990.

Note SL heaters require an electrical cable between the burner unit and the fan assembly. This to be provided by the installing/electrical contractor.


The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:

Green & yellow Earth
Blue Neutral
Brown Live

Instructions for connecting mains lead to plug
(Click here for the
Plug wiring diagram)

Connect green and yellow to plug terminal marked E. Connect blue wire to terminal marked N. Connect brown wire to terminal marked L. It is recommended that the electrical circuit controlling the heater or group of heaters incorporates thermostats, a time switch and if required, manual control switches and a frost thermostat.

Circuits and controls (AR & ARE ONLY)
(Click here for 
Figure 2: Typical external Schematic wiring diagram** and here for Figure 3: Internal wiring diagram)

All such controls and switchgear must be rated to handle the total inductive load of the circuit they control. Load per Ambi-Rad U tube or Linier heater is 0.55 amp. For larger or Herringbone installations, the use of relays and contactors or control panels should be considered. The method of connection to the electrical supply must facilitate complete isolation and should be made via a fused double pole isolator having a contact separation of at least 3mm in all poles and supplying the appliance only. Alternatively, connection may be made via a fused three pin plug and unswitched shuttered socket, both complying with the requirements of BS 1361:1971 (1986). Ensure that a copy of the lighting instructions plate is affixed adjacent to the electricity supply switch. Should this switch serve more than one heater it is only necessary to affix one copy per service switch.

** For more comprehensive control arrangements see black bulb and control panel leaflets.

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