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Setting the HB and NRV Grasslin Clock

Setting the HB and NRV Type Control Panel Clocks

To set current time and day


1. Select ‘RESET’ to clear.

2. If Summertime select +/- 1h once.

3. Hold  down and set current time and day by using ‘H’, ‘M’ and ‘DAY’. (1-Mon, 7-Sun etc).



To set switching times


Note this clock can be set to switch at common times for 5, 6 or 7 days per week by using the following method.


4. Select ‘PROG’ to obtain free memory location. (--:--).

5. Select switching function: ON  using

6. Enter time for switching (‘H’ & ‘M’).

7. For 7 day switching select ‘PROG’ to save OR for 5 or 6 day switching, deselect unwanted days by selecting ‘DAY’ and then select ‘PROG’ to save.

8. Repeat 4,5,6 & 7 but selecting: OFF  selecting


Note If extra switching cycles are required for multiple days, (e.g. ON, OFF) repeat from 4, entering the appropriate times.


Important If you want to set an ON time for 7:00 and an OFF time for 16:00 and you are setting the program on the same day, e.g. 1.10. This second start time will not interfere with the normal running.


Any remaining days can be individually programmed by:


9. Select ‘PROG’ to obtain free memory location (--:--).

10. Select the day required using ‘DAY’.

11. Select switching function as required, (ON or OFF) using

12. Enter time for switching (‘H’ & ‘M’ keys).

13. To save program select ‘PROG’.


Repeat 9 - 12 as necessary.


Check programs by selecting ‘PROG’ to run through.


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