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AR-ARE Undershield Deflectors

AR-ARE Undershield deflectors

Assemble the Radiant Tube Heater as per the Assembly instruction sheets.


fig.1 Munsen Ring

The Ambi-Rad Radiant Undershield Deflector is fitted to a radiant heater to reduce peak temperatures, at low mounting heights, below the heater. This option is predominately used in greenhouses, polytunnels and garden centres, to give an even spread of heat along the whole length of the tube and to prevent the perishing of plants and foliage. The Undershield can also be used to deflect the heat away from combustibles, giving a better clearance distance.

Manufactured in a non–corrosive polished stainless steel, the deflector is attached to the radiant tube via Munson Rings (tube clamps) which are available in either 63mm (2½”), 100mm dia (4”) and 150mm dia (6”) with a deflector length of 2438 (8foot).

The Undersheld Deflector is positioned beneath the radiant tube, usually at the first half of the firing leg (nearest the burner), although can be positioned at any point if being used purely as a heat deflector for clearance purposes.

The oversized Munsen rings supplied will allow the Undershield Deflector to move with the expansion and contraction of the radiant tube.

Each Undershield has two slots, 25mm in length at each end of the deflector. These slots are used to position the Munsen rings apart. Mark the first point of the deflector on the radiant tube. Use the Undershield (or a tape measure if required) to mark the second point.

The Munsen rings are supplied assembled. Using a flat head screwdriver remove both screws retaining the two parts together. Offer one half, then the other onto the radiant tube at the first mark with the boss facing downwards. Replace the screws and tighten. Repeat for the second Munsen.

Pass an M12 set pin through the slot on the Undershield and loosely attach the M12 locknut. Repeat for the second set pin. Offer the Undershield Deflector up to the Munsen rings. Locate set pins to the boss and tighten. Secure assembly by tightening locknut. Repeat for second Munsen.

fig.2 Section through straight line heater showing undershield

Technical bulletin available by clicking on the attachment below.

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