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fig.1 Push Button Timer 

The Ambi-Rad push button timer is used to operate appliances for a set length of time. It is often used in sports hall applications and in conjunction with other AmbiRad control systems as a ‘Run-On-Timer’ which can run the appliance after the control time has elapsed.

AmbiRad push button time delay switches are designed to provide control of heating or ventilation loads.

Using touch (light press required) activation the user can switch on a load for a preset time period and have the load turn off automatically after the time period has elapsed.

Multiple timing ranges come as standard to allow the time out period to be set accurately.

Time setting is achieved using switches and a thumbwheel at the rear of the unit. Several modes of operation are selectable using switches:

· On/off: triggering the timer will turn on the load and start the timing. Triggering the timer again during timing will immediately turn off the load and stop the timing.
· Resetting: triggering the timer will turn on the load and start the timing. Triggering the timer again during timing will re-start the timing period from scratch. When using an external trigger in this mode, the timer will not start until the trigger is removed making it ideal for pump or fan overrun applications.
· Non-resetting: triggering the timer will turn on the load and start the timing. Triggering the timer again during timing will have no affect.

Neon indicators provide permanent illumination or illumination during the timing period.

The timer can be located on any suitable surface dependant on the application, distance from the appliance and accessibility.

Loosen and remove the four fixing screws on the front of the enclosure. Remove the front plate.

Using the rear enclosure box as a template, position and locate to the box to the wall. Drill two holes through and screw firmly into place. Complete with any conduit required.

fig.2 Dimensions

The timer has three terminals located on the pcb at the rear of the front plate. These terminals are N (Neutral); LINE OUT (switched output) and L (Live in). The cable used should therefore be either multicore or incorporate two lives and a neutral wire.

fig.3 Schematic

With the cable in place, within the conduit and through the cable gland into the rear enclosure, bear the wire ends by app 6mm. Position wires up to the terminal block and screw down firmly as shown in fig.4.

fig.4 Wiring of Push Button Timer

The timer can be set to a time within the range setting of that type. To adjust, rotate the black dial clockwise towards the maximum time and anti-clockwise closer the minimum time allowable.

fig.5 Adjustmant dial position

Close the lid and tighten the 4 fixing screws.

Follow the appliance wiring instructions for further circuit connections.

Full instalation and setting instructions are available by clicking on the attachment below.

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