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Warm Air UDSA/UPA Replacement Limit Stats

Technical Bulletin Warm Air

Ref GB/TB/012/0307 Warm Air UDSA/UPA Limit Stats

Note: Bulletin to be used in conjunction with the relevant Warm Air Operating and Maintenance Manuals

Limit Controls (known as LC1 and LC3) for UDSA models 35 to 100 and UPA models 40 to 90 heaters have changed type.

The change involves the removal and replacement of the two individual standard limit controls with a fully assembled version. This will enable a tighter control of the safety overheat cut out feature eliminating nuisance ‘shut downs’ and manual intervention.

This technical bulletin describes in detail the procedure required to complete the replacement of the Limit Stats and wiring changes.

These instructions must be followed exactly. Please read through these instructions completely before starting any procedure. The information contained in this technical bulletin is designed to aid a qualified or competent service technician.

It is essential that the correct kit is installed for the particular heater concerned. Please refer to the listing below for kit part numbers.
Kit part no. Heater Bracket length
03 20410 035 UDSA35 136mm
03 20410 043 UDSA43 136mm
03 20410 050 UDSA50 136mm
03 20410 055 UDSA55 136mm
03 20410 064 UDSA64 291mm
03 20410 073 UDSA73 291mm
03 20410 085 UDSA85 291mm
03 20410 100 UDSA100 291mm
03 20410 40 UPA40 136mm
03 20410 50 UPA50 206mm
03 20410 60 UPA60 136mm
03 20410 70 UPA70 136mm
03 20410 90 UPA90 206mm

Click on link below to follow the step by step instructions.


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