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Starting and Operating the MT Tornado Heater

Starting/Operating the MT Tornado heater

Moving the product


Standing for storage.

Operating instructions

Ensure that you have read all other detail included in these instructions prior to following the operating instructions detailed below.

The heater can be operated on either a 110 or 230 volt electrical supply by inserting a suitable connector/lead into either the 110 or 230 volt appliance connectors.

Plug the supply lead into the connector on the rear of the product.

Select the appropriate voltage.

Uncoil the hose from around the rear ring.

Attach the regulator to the gas bottle using the spanner provided. Note Left hand thread.

Check for any gas leaks with soapy liquid solution.

Ensure the hose is not twisted or damaged and that the gas bottle is positioned at the side of the unit to avoid heating at the outlet.

Note When positioning the heater please ensure that all inlets and outlets are unrestricted there are no combustible materials in the vicinity. Please ensure the heated air is not directed towards the gas bottle.

In dusty environments the fresh air duct must be used. See article on Ducting

Thermostat Control

The temperature of the building can be controlled using an optional remote thermostat. A remote thermostat kit is available from Ambi-Rad by quoting part number 200587.

Select remote thermostat.


After switching on the mains supply, ignition is controlled by the automatic ignition unit incorporated on the burner assembly.

Firstly you will hear the combustion and convection fans running. ( Note - If the combustion fan does not operate, then check to see if the overheat stat reset has tripped. This is located behind the combustion fan access door) Then, after a delay of 15-20 seconds, you will hear a ‘Clicking’ noise, as the igniter assembly attempts to light the gas. On ignition the amber light will illuminate. If ignition does not occur then the light turns off indicating there is potentially air in the gas line.

Re-ignition can be attempted by restarting the appliance. If ignition still does not occur and the lockout lamp illuminates, it is likely that the low gas pressure switch is activated indicating that the LPG bottles are exhausted of gas and require changing. If after changing the gas bottles and ignition still cannot be achieved, please refer article on Fault Finding.


Note Connecting and disconnecting cylinders MUST take place in a flame free atmosphere. When the appliance is not going to be used for a period of time the unit MUST be disconnected from the electrical mains and gas cylinder.

When heating is complete, turn OFF the gas supply. Leave the electric supply turned ON to enable the combustion fan to operate for 10 minutes to cool the product prior to moving.

After cooling is complete, switch the 3 position rocker switch on the rear of the product to the OFF position and disconnect from the electric supply and remove the electrical connector.

Disconnect the gas supply and recoil the hose around the rear ring assembly.

Note If the appliance is not to be used for a period of time, ensure that the appliance is stored in a dry environment.

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