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VS Range Component Replacement

Vision VS Range Component Replacement

Burner Controller Replacement

Step 1 Slacken screw in burner lid and open the right hand burner access door.

Step 2 Disconnect burner controller from the wiring harness.

Step 3 Disconnect the HT Lead from burner controller

Step 4 Remove the two screws attaching the controller to the burner and remove.

Step 5 Fit new burner controller

Step 6 Refit HT leads and refit burner controller to wiring harness.

Step 7 Test product and close access door.

Air Pressure Switch Replacement

Step 1 Disconnect the two silicone impulse tubes.

Step 2 Remove the two screws as shown below.

Step 3 The air pressure switch can now be removed.

Step 4 Fit the new air pressure switch ensuring the impulse tubes are connected as shown below.

Step 5 Test product and close access doors.

Gas Valve Replacement

Step 1 Remove the burner assembly as described in the Servicing Sections.

Step 2 Open the right hand access door and detach the burner controller from the wiring harness.

Step 3 Open the left hand access door and detach the impulse hoses from the air pressure switch.

Step 4 Remove the 4 screws holding the burner head onto the burner assembly.

Step 5 The burner head can now be detached by disconnecting the impulse tube and the burner head wiring.

Step 6 Detach the two screws holding the front of the gas valve.

Step 7 Remove the four screws holding the rear burner plate in position.

Step 8 Remove the rear plate.

Step 9 The jet carrier, gas inlet, and wiring harness can now be detached from the gas valve.

Step 10 The two screws retaining the gas valve can then be removed.

Step 11 The gas valve can now be replaced.

Step 12 Refit all components in reverse order.

Step 13 Ensure step screw is in the correct position as indicated in the diagram below.

Step 14 Set pressures and ensure reliable burner performance.

Step 15 Test product and close access door.

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