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Gas Hoses

Should be made to BS 3212 pt2. This is the only standard suitable for L.P.G. vapour. Generally Orange in colour, however complete preassembled hoses may have a black cover.  Hoses, Pipework and Joints - Replace if more than 5 years old

Should be kept to a minimum practical length and not exceed 1 metre. Solid pipework is more resisted to mechanical damage. I metre is considered long enough to allow the movement of a gimballed appliance or to facilitate the changing of cylinders. Longer hoses are at risk from kinking, snagging and being trapped by other objects, however hoses to short are at risk from damaged caused by stretching of joints and connections.

Should not pass though bulkheads, decks or partitions, unless protected from abrasion.
Solid pipework is more resisted to mechanical damage .

Should not be used where it may be subjected to temperatures above 50 C. Temperature permitted by BS3212. High temperatures may cause damage to the hose.

Should be secured by with a hose crimp, swaged or clip.
Worm drive clips are expectable if made to BS5315 and used on the low-pressure section. Hose clamps fixed by spring tension should not be used. Clamps & clips should be of the correct size and have a band width of 8mm.

Hoses, Pipework and JointsShould be replaced if over 5 years old from the date stamped on the hose. Or if they show signs of : leaks; flaws; brittleness; cracking; abrasions; kinking; significant bleaching.

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Last Modified on 02/11/2007.
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