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Nor-Ray-Vac Burner Wiring Made Simple

Nor-Ray-Vac Burner Wiring Made Simple

Nor-Ray-Vac systems are site specific. They can consist of single or multiple zones. Each Zone may consist of single or multiple 'branches' or 'legs'. Each branch or leg may consist of single or multiple burners.

If multiple burners exist on a system branch, then these are referred to as End Vent or In-Line burners. The End Vent burner is always positioned at the start (open end) of the radiant tube and any subsequent burners being In-line type. The interconnecting wiring between the switched live at the control panel and burners within each branch is quite specific and if wired incorrectly, can cause a safety issue.


1. 230V switched supply from the controller is connected to the END VENT BURNER ONLY with a mains lead via a 3A switched fused spur.

2. A 3 pin flat plug (supplied) is wired in suitable 3 core cable and connected to the 'Power Out' socket of the END VENT BURNER. The cable is then terminated at a 3A switched fused spur adjacent to the first IN-LINE BURNER.

3. Connect a mains lead from the secondary 3A switched fused spur to the FIRST IN-LINE BURNER ONLY. A suitable 3 core cable is then looped from this fused spur to a further 3A switched fused spur positioned adjacent to the NEXT IN-LINE BURNER. This burner is wired to the fused spur by a mains lead.

4. Repeat step 3 for any subsequent IN-LINE BURNERS.

Burner Wiring

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