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SmartCom Unused Timeslots

SmartCom Unused Timeslots

If you wish the SmartCom to be used via a remote BMS enable, external switch or the overtime button only, then the pre-programmed times need to be removed completely.

Using the 'SETTINGS' button, keep pressing until ‘SET PROGRAM’ appears in the display. Press the 'OK' button to alter.

The first day will apppear. Press ‘the OK’ button to alter that day setting, press the ‘+’ button to change to another day remembering to press ‘OK’ to alter.

The first ON time will appear. Use the ‘+’ button to increase the ON time though the day. As the program time approaches 24:00 hrs, the screen will change to - -:- - which means no time. Press the ‘OK’ button to alter.

By setting the ON time to 00:00 you will requested the heater to be ON from midnight of the day previous!. 

The screen will change to the next on time. If it already shows - -:- -  then no time is present so press the ‘OK’ button. (If the screen shows a time and you require an unused timeslot, then repeat the last procedure.)

You can then copy this 'no time' program to other days if required. ‘COPY TO [DAY] will appear on screen. Press the 'OK' button to accept the copy function for that particular day, press the ’SETTINGS’ button to advance to an aternate day. Continue this for all days required.

Once the days have been set either press the ‘OK’ button at ‘MENU END’ or press the ‘UNDO’ button to return to the main screen.

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