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Pektron to Pactrol P16DIA Conversion Retrofit

Pektron to Pactrol P16DIA Conversion Retrofit

Ref 706054 TB054 Pektron Conversion to Pactrol Retrofit Kit TB.054.0111

Note: Bulletin to be used in conjunction with the appropriate Vision Operating and Installation manual.

The Pektron sequence controller is no longer available and must therefore be replaced with a Pactrol P16DIA

This bulletin describes the parts required and, due to the variance in components, a ‘generic’ method of fitting a replacement P16 controller (fig.2) and supplement parts required to achieve this.

A retrofit kit part number 2015-KIT will be available to include a P16DIA ignition controller, replacement wiring harness and fixings.


Isolate any electrical supply to the heater and controller before proceeding. It is recommended to remove the burner from the radiant tube and carry out the retrofit at floor level. You will need to change the complete wiring harness, so it may be easier to remove the back plate to gain access to the appropriate connections.

Open the side door (controller side) to gain access to the Pektron control.

Disconnect the connections from the Pektron and remove the Earth Ring Screw (retain the screw for later).

Disconnect the valve plug from the harness.

Disconnect the neons and mains filter.

Next, disconnect the connections from the fan plug and pressure switch.

Disconnect the flame cable (pink) from inside the combustion chamber and pull it through the grommet. Note you will need to remove the inlet grille to gain access to this. You should now have the Pektron harness free to remove. Remove the harness.

Remove the screw from the bracket which is holding the Pektron control (retain screw for later). This can now be removed.

Now fit the 2015 Pactrol control into position, using the 2 screws retained or provided in the kit.

Re-fit the connections with the supplied 900224 harness.

Connect the flame cable and replace the inlet grille.

Connect the neons, mains filter, fan plug and pressure switch.

Connect the Pactrol, valve plug and earth ring.

Connect the HT lead to the Pactrol.

Re-fit the back panel (if removed) using the retained screws.

Finally, replace the wiring diagram on the door with the one supplied. Dwg ref: 900224-WD.

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