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Honeywell BMBC Sequence Ignition Board

Honeywell BMBC Sequence Ignition Board Notification

Ref 706104 TB104 Honeywell BMBC Sequence Ignition Board TB.104.0905

Note: Bulletin to be used in conjunction with the relevant Operating and Maintenance Manuals

All VRA-3 heaters manufactured as from July 2015 will now include the Honeywell BMBC sequence controller rather than the Brahma controller it replaces. This change brings the VR ’Variante’ series in line with the UESA and UDSA-3 series of heaters.

Warm Air Units utilising Honeywell BMBC boards:

VRA-3(12-145) after s/no.154501956

UDSA-3 (025-100) from January 2014

UDSBD-3 (025-100) from January 2014

UDSAV-3 (025-100) from January 2014

UDSA-4 (055-085) from September 2015

UESA (all versions)

Warm Air Units utilising Brahma DM32 boards:

VRA-3 (12-145) prior to s/no.154501956

UDSA-3 (008-020)

UDSA-3 (025-100) prior to January 2014

UDSBD-3 (025-100) prior to January 2014

UDSAV-3 (025-100) prior to January 2014

UDSA-2 (all models) from October 2007

UDSAV-2 (all models) from October 2007

UDSBD-2 (all models) from October 2007

UDSA-1 (all models) prior to October 2007

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Last Modified on 13/07/2016.
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